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Meet the Mushroom Basket - magical home for forest dwelling creatures, little animals, fairiesgnomes and so much moreWith a generous size, adjustable handle, and little door (which opens and shuts), kids and adults alike can open the Mushroom top and carry teeny treasures, or grown-up essentials with them wherever they go.

Made from 100% Natural Rattan, the Mushroom Basket has a flat base and can be displayed upright. Use it as a carry bag or decorative basket.

  • Handwoven with Natural Rattan
  • Secure Mushroom lid with a wood button & straw loop clasp
  • Mushroom top opens on a hinge
  • Door opens and shuts with a wood button & elastic loop
  • Flat base (stand up to display)
  • Dimensions: H 8.6” (11” with handle) x W 8.6” x interior D 5.1”