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Revel in every flower and feather in Erin E. Hunter’s artworks—expressions of her fascination with the cycle of life. From backyards to city park benches to botanic gardens, this scientific illustrator has studied the natural world, documenting such delights as hummingbirds, honeyeaters, and sunbirds sipping nectar from favored blossoms.

Four of Hunter’s botanicals have been gathered in this notecard set as a veritable paean to pollinators.
  • Contains 20 blank notecards, five each of the following four designs: Anna’s Hummingbird and Hummingbird Sage, 2008, California Wildflowers in Red, 2021, Orange-breasted Sunbirds and Pincushion Protea, 2006, Scarlet Honeyeaters and Weeping Bottlebrush, 2008
  • 20 envelopes included
  • Printed in full color with soy-based inks