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Luxuriously scented candle with botanically inspired moody, deep and complex fragrances. The fragrances are mirrored in the vintage-inspired drawings on the glassware & custom boxes.

The fragrances were developed by expert perfumers and the original drawing for each fragrance was designed by artist Esther Clark. 

Each fragrance has a unique drawing that is printed on the packaging around the ceramic vessel.

No. 07

  • top notes: Cassis, Smoked Suede, and Pine Needle
  • heart notes: Oakmoss, Dry Earth, and Ashes
  • base notes: Palo Santo, Gurjon Balsam, and Musk
  • 5 oz.
  • 30 hour burn time
  • 2.75" diameter and 2.75" tall
  • 100% Soy candle with crackling wood wick