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The edges of roadways, vacant lots, and other barren and rocky places are inhospitable to all but the toughest of plants. Where others may see weeds, we see wildflowers. The creamy white of Queen Anne’s Lace plays off the cool blue of chicory, dainty petals mixing with woody stalks and spiky leaves. This piece celebrates the resilient kind of beauty that thrives despite long odds.

Meticulously detailed and completely handmade, without the use of molds or templates, this stunning art vase is a truly unique piece with no two exactly the same. Small variances from the photo are to be expected and are intrinsic to this artisan piece.
  • Thrown, sculpted and glazed by hand
  • Size approx. 13.75" x 5"
  • Earthenware art pottery piece - a liner is recommended for use with water