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2-in-1 – This practical bread bag is made of high quality denim and cotton fabric. Use to keep your farmers market bread fresh on  the journey home, or fold the upper part of the bag twice, and use as a bread basket. Ideal for placing bread straight on the table. The bottom made of denim fabric gives the bag stability.

Keeps bread fresh - after breakfast, you can simply tighten the bag with the cotton cord. Thanks to the breathable properties of the cotton and denim fabric, the remaining bread remains fresh and can be easily stored.
The bag also doubles as an environmentally friendly storage container for other foods. Store potatoes, cakes, pastries and fruits in this bag. Or use the basket for snacks such as bread sticks, chips, biscuits or nuts.
  • Machine washable at 30degrees
  • Made of high quality, breathable denim and cotton fabric
  • Drawstring closure
  • Bag diameter: 7.8". Bag height: 9"