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Black cotton T-shirt featuring a kneeling skeleton, one of the beautiful plates in William Cheselden's famed work, 'Osteographia, or the anatomy of the bones'.

Cheselden (1688-1753) built a reputation as "the foremost teacher of anatomy in the metropolis", with many famous patients including Alexander Pope. 

He was the first to use a camera obscura, a primitive ancestor to modern cameras and projectors,  to give precision to his work.

Cheselden lost a considerable amount of money on the production of his anatomical atlas because so few copies were sold. As a result, many of the sets were broken up so the plates could be sold separately in order to reduce the amount of his losses. Because of this, complete copies of the work are rare.

One such copy is proudly held within The Huntington Library Collections. 

  • 100% Cotton. 
  • Available in sizes Small - 2XL
  • Exclusive to The Huntington Store