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A darkly delicious addition to your tea set - this handle-less cup is perfect for milk, sweet treats, as a holder for spoons or even as a stylish toothbrush holder!

This sophisticated white and black dinnerware collection mixes modern femininity, high fashion and enchanting illustrative floral designs with a hint of naiveté.

Delight family and guests by creating your own custom tablescape using a stylish assortment of these mix-and-match pieces. Created by Dutch fashion designer and artist Merel Boers, Miss Blackbirdy’s designs and illustrations are inspired by the world around her. She invites us all to “take a walk through the world of Miss Blackbirdy” and experience this lovely concept of high fashion and modern femininity.

  • 9.5 oz.
  • Crafted of Grade A Porcelain
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe