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The original pressed flower shortbread cookies! 

Each cookie is uniquely designed with handpicked edible flowers and herbs pressed into vanilla shortbread. Flowers are sourced from the baker's organic garden in Los Angeles and/or local farms in California.

Each box of one dozen cookies comes in a custom made and beautiful, sturdy box that you will probably want to keep to hold knick knacks!

  • Cookies stay fresh for up to 3 weeks.¬† Cookies are 2.5" in diameter and about 1/3" in height.
  • INGREDIENTS: All ingredients are of the highest quality: organic flour, butter, organic eggs, organic cane sugar, salt, vanilla, and organically grown edible flowers + herbs.
  • For storage: please store your cookies on the counter in an airtight glass container to keep your cookies fresh.¬† You can also put the cookies in their box directly into the freezer and then take them out on the counter 4 hours before serving and they will thaw out nicely.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Fresh food item - Final Sale - Non-returnable