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An intergalactic mission, all on one space station platform. An illustrated plywood board with lots of space rocket dashboard activities. A rotating wheel can be turned at the side to reveal an ever-changing illustrated space scene, as if looking through

the window into the void of space. A magnetic strip offers a view of our universe upon which to place the planets. A fuel tank to show the levels, a booster lever to move up and down, knobs to turn, squishy buttons to press, a radar panel to locate the UFOs. Rotate a spherical moon and move satellite around earth, speak into the microphone and prepare for lift-off with a 3 part movable rocket!

Made by Tender Leaf using only sustainable and recyclable wood, and manufactured with a commitment to protect natural resources and replant 100% of the trees used. 

  • Age range: 3 Years and Older
  • Product size: 16.85 x 12.6 x 3.15”
  • Weight: 3.52 lbs