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Japanese Sumi-e brush painting combines the techniques of calligraphy and ink painting to produce compositions of rare beauty.

This art has its roots in the Zen Buddhist practices of mindfulness and meditation--serving as a means not just for describing wonders of nature, but as a method for training our minds to view the world in its essential grace and simplicity.

This book is the product of many years of study with Ukai Uchiyama--a master Japanese calligrapher and artist. Kay Morrissey Thompson shares the knowledge she gained from this association, presenting a thorough discussion of the artist's work along with a series of practical lessons based on Mr. Uchiyama's instruction.

The informative text is accompanied by over fifty illustrations, many in color, reproducing works by Ukai Uchiyama and enabling aspiring artists to understand how each painting was created.

With a smaller size and new cover, this timeless Tuttle Classic (originally published in 1960), has been reformatted for a new generation of readers.

  • 71 pages
  • Softcover