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This simple glass carafe is made in an 'upcycling' workshop from recycled wine bottles.  This glassware does not only perfectly present any kind of drink it is also eco-friendly and socially responsible. 

The idea for the glass upcycling workshop originated while offering a ‚Äútourist 2 tourist‚ÄĚ programme in Zanzibar, Tanzania. It encouraged visiting tourists to design and make souvenirs made from waste.
Today, the wokshop's aim is to improve economic opportunities for local residents and offer a solution for the waste issue on the island. Zanzibar has no proper recycling system in place and a lot of waste ends up in nature. The workshop empasizes the importance of recycling and keeping the island clean, as well as creating jobs and teaching skills.
  • 100% handcrafted from recycled wine bottles
  • Low impact production process
  • Ethically and socially responsible
  • Packed in a presentation box