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8.81 oz

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Pronounced choko-nose-leh, the Xoconostle is the wild cousin of the prickly pear.  

The flowers bloom in spring and summer while the fruit is harvested in fall. It features a peculiar taste that is sweet and acidic, a sweet-sour, refreshing, tart citrussy flavor.
It is rich in nutrients including antioxidant vitamin C, fiber, calcium, vitamin E, carotenoids, and belatain (phytonutrient that is high in antioxidants).
Use it in sauces, stews, desserts, liquor and flavored waters.
  • Ingredients: Xoconostle, agave syrup, pectin, citric acid and carrageenan as thickener.
  • 8.81 oz
  • Made in Mexico