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This delightful book contains 50 sheets (= 100 pages) of different types of Art Nouveau inspired artist papers that can be used to create and customize a range of papercraft projects.

There is 1 sheet with text and 9 sheets with foldable cards, 8 sheets with templates for envelopes to be cut and folded, 4 sheets of sticker paper with total 48 stickers, 8 sheets 200gsm artist paper with 10 postcards , 4 gift-card cards and 24 gift tags. Each of these sections are perforated and die-cut, making it easy to remove the cards and tags.
There are also 10 sheets printed with 14 ready to colour designs printed on thin grey lines and 10 sheets with beautiful full-color pictures that are ready for framing.
The sheets are acid-free, age-resistant and originate from responsible sources.
A truly gorgeous gift or rainy day project book.
  • 100 pages of papercraft designs and projects