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California and Nevada are known for their astonishing array of plant life, and few components of this diverse flora are more intriguing than the cacti, agaves, and yuccas. These spiny succulents, which share many of the same arid habitats, have long been a source of fascination for explorers, naturalists, and scientists. Cacti, Agaves, and Yuccas of California and Nevada features more than 60 species with a detailed text that is accompanied by 262 color photographs, 16 botanical watercolors, and 52 range maps. Much more than a field guide, this book examines the natural history of California's and Nevada's cacti, agaves, and yuccas, including their origins, ecology, and conservation. It also provides practical horticultural advice for their cultivation and describes some of the best places to see these remarkable succulents in the wild. 

Botanist, writer, and photographer Stephen Ingram traveled more than 30,000 miles, much of it on remote backroads, to search out, study, and photograph the cacti, agaves, and yuccas of California and Nevada. He also delved into the scientific literature, visited numerous herbaria, and interviewed our region's leading experts on Cactaceae and Agavaceae. The result is a detailed, highly readable, and beautifully illustrated natural history and field guide. Cacti, Agaves, and Yuccas of California and Nevadais an engaging and substantive reference book that can be enjoyed by novice and expert alike.

  • Paperback: 243 pages
  • 0.8 x 6.5 x 9.5"