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A Pocket Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue is a profane guide to the slang from the backstreets and taverns of 18th-century London.

This slang dictionary gathers the most amusing and useful terms from English history and helpfully presents them to be used in the conversations of our modern day.

Originally published in 1785, the Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue was one of the first lexicons of English slang, compiled by a militia captain who collected the terms he overheard on his late-night excursions to London's slums, dockyards, and taverns. Now the legacy lives on in this colorful pocket dictionary.

Learn the origin of phrases like "birthday suit" and discover slang lost to time. Handy pocket-sized edition allows you to whip out vintage curse words whenever needed.
An unexpected marriage of lowbrow humor and highbrow wit Discover long lost antique slang and curse words and learn how to incorporate them into modern conversation.
  • 176 pages
  • Hardcover