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Most owls are almost perfectly adapted to life in the dark. Their vaguely humanoid faces reflect the spectacular evolution of their hearing and vision, which has made flight, romance, and predation possible in the near absence of light.

This accessible guide, full of intriguing anecdotes, covers all 19 species of owls occurring in North America. More than an identification guide, Field Guide to Owls of California and the West describes the biology and behavior of owls to make finding and identifying them easier and watching them more enjoyable. The guide also explores the conservation challenges that owls face and tells how owls provide insights to scientists working in fields from technology to health.
This comprehensive guide includes: Full-color plates to illustrate each species, range maps to show the western distribution of North America's owls, 14 of which occur in California, tips for finding and watching owls,  information on how to design, place, and maintain nest boxes and details on human attitudes toward owls through history, including in the Native American cultures of the West.
  • 346 pages
  • Softcover