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In Pots for All Seasons, gardening guru Tom Harris offers a visual feast of container plantings, combined with solid, practical advice born out of his years of experience.

The author suggests a wide range of seasonal plantings - as well as a variety of themes including seaside, tiny plants, climbers and trees and shrubs – and guides the reader on choosing what to plant (and the most suitable container to put it in), planting up and maintenance, and combining pots for best visual effect so that the display is always lively and appealing.
Chapters include: Collecting pots: using the pot as the inspiration, Harris shows how to use different types and styles, explaining their advantages and disadvantages and how to choose between them. What to grow: making the right choices between plants that play a permanent role and temporary ‘visitors’. Planting for success: how to plant up your pots and maintain them so they are always in top condition. Making pictures: how to arrange and compose pots to show them off at their best. A seasonal gallery brimming with ideas for glorious seasonal container plantings
Packed with practical advice and ‘how-to’ illustrations, Pots for All Seasons also includes page after page of photographs of glorious container plantings to inspire readers to be bold in their choice of plants, containers and arrangements. Pots for All Seasons is the essential handbook for all container gardeners.
  • 176 pages
  • Hardcover