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The solar system motif is a breathtaking representation of the universe and its vast depths, highlighting the beauty of the stars and planets.

This solar system light will create an atmosphere of awe, reminding us to look up at the night sky and appreciate our place in the universe. The golden glow will make any room appear more inviting, and the detailed engraving of stars and galaxies will add a touch of intrigue.

Touch the copper button on the front of the walnut wood base to select among three light intensity levels. The crystal is polished to reflect light, which creates a stunning effect in any room.

  • FSC-certified walnut wood base with premium, sturdy 3D laser–printed crystal design
  • 3 light temperatures/colors
  • Rechargeable battery life: up to 96 hours (charges with a USB-C port)
  • Product size: 3.14" x 3.74" x 3.74"

NOTE: Please DO NOT leave this product in direct sunlight.