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50 of the best insights and sayings from the great Stoic thinkers 

“If you have the will to conquer anger, it cannot conquer you.”—Seneca

Originating in Greece around 300 BCE, Stoicism was for many centuries the most popular philosophy in the Western world, teaching people practical advice on how they could flourish in uncertain times and overcome their anxieties. This box of cards gathers together the best insights and sayings from the great Stoic thinkers and marries them up with commentaries that bring out their applicability to our own lives. 

This is both an elegant summary of ancient philosophy and a route to self-knowledge, serenity and strength of mind. 

How to Use the Cards These cards are designed to introduce us to the philosophy of Stoicism and its relevance to our day to day lives. On one side, we find quotations from its leading proponents: among them, the ex-slave Epictetus, the politician and dramatist Seneca, and the Emperor Marcus Aurelius. On the reverse, we learn more about the history, beliefs, and practice of Stoicism from its origins to the present day. They can either be read individually or as a continuous essay. Once contemplated, the cards can then be kept or displayed somewhere close at hand as a continual reminder of stoic wisdom.

  • Deck of 50 prompt cards
  • Dimensions: 3.94" x 0.98" x 2.76"