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Create delectable desserts and other dishes with this strawberry-themed cookbook, featuring 50 recipes complemented by full-color photographs of each dish.

Strawberries rank among the world’s most popular fruits. Juicy and sweet yet slightly sour, they’re easy to grow and delicious to eat. They’re wonderful on their own and even better when paired with other flavors, such as chocolate or rhubarb. 

This handy cookbook features 50 easy recipes geared for busy cooks who enjoy the great taste of strawberries. Plus, an entire section is devoted to helpful information like tips on growing, picking, and storing strawberries, as well as fascinating information on the history of strawberries and their nutritional value.

Add Strawberries to your cookbook collection, and savor this wonderful variety of salads, drinks, desserts, and more.

  • 136 pages
  • Softcover