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Tawashi are traditional brushes made from the fibers of the windmill palm. For centuries such brushes have been used in Japan for cleaning and sweeping.

This Tawashi dustpan and brush set is handcrafted, one at a time, using only the finest, carefully-selected materials harvested from trees cultivated in Wakayama Prefecture, in southwestern Japan
The fine, supple fibers of the windmill palm enable this broom to sweep away dirt and dust without scratching surfaces, leaving your floors spotlessly clean.
The dustpan is made from a flexible, fine sliver of teak pawlonia wood, making it the perfect, practical, natural companion to the brush.
In Japan, where cleanliness is a key virtue, such brooms and dustpans have been part of everyday life since ancient times, their simple yet beautiful form the result of a relentless pursuit of functionality. 
  • Materials: Windmill palm, Japanese cypress, stainless steel
  • Dimensions: Brush - 4" x 11", Dustpan - 6" x 9"