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Everyone who ventures into the backcountry goes equipped with tips for preventing or treating the injuries and maladies that can arise there. Don't they?

This deck of 48 Knowledge Cards will see that you do, at least. It's compact enough to go anywhere in a pocket; its Q&A quiz format means that you'll be entertained while you learn; and its contents deal with most of the nasties that the outback can inflict on a visitor.

Each card poses a question on the front--How might you retrieve a lost companion? Treat frostbite, snakebite, heatstroke? What could you do in a mountain lion encounter?-- with a knowledgeable, succinct answer on the back. These cards are the work of a lifelong outdoors-man and river guide. They're excellent company, at home or on a wilderness trip

  • 48 cards
  • Dimensions: 3.4" x 0.9" x 4.1"